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Sanwa Facade Lab
Through the use of glass, metal and a wide range of other exterior design materials, we brighten up the world.
Our mission is to pursue the journey that is creativity together with architects, designers, artists and contractors.
As members of Sanwa Holdings, we utilize these precious human resources alongside cutting-edge technologies to transform the dreams of designers into reality.
Never backing down from tough challenges, we always cherish the bonds of trust between customers and our teams while striving to build a new future for facade engineering.



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What is
Sanwa Facade Lab’s
We create fully made-to-order facades that are optimized according to the customer's vision.
Facade engineering services provided by Sanwa Facade Lab Co. make use of outstanding technologies and wide-ranging specialized knowledge provided by our group of in-house experts, which enables us to provide solutions customized specifically to customer needs.
In order to make the customer's vision a reality, we approach our work with flexibility and creativity while fusing technological innovation with design. The result is both innovative and efficient improvements in building external appearance and functionality.
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